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Thousands of people received books on Amazon in various topic niches. The Book Bolt helps people like you connect to the audience you’re going after, so you can capitalize on their interest. You can feature your book above the audience’s searches, making it easier for them to find the book.

Book Bolt Software

The Book Bolt is a keyword tool that helps direct readers to the right books they’ve been looking for, saving their time and energy and boosting the sale of books.

For example, if you write love stories, placing your story in front of readers of love stories will increase their chances of purchasing your publication. If the book is placed in front of a person whose tastes are inconsistent with that of the story, the chances of its sale drop considerably. Amazon takes the possibility of putting up authors’ works on Amazon at no charge.

The Book Bolt is considered an effective way to allow you to sell books on Amazon even if there is little information within it. Below are the features.

Book Bolt Software

Book Bolt Key Features

  • Design tools for covers
  • Listing process wizard
  • Book Research platform
  • Free to get started
  • Product database & trend hunter
  • Easy to use to get books published
  • The most effective keyword research tool on the market
  • Patterns, Scale-able Designs, Filters and much more
  • Interior Designer
  • Drag And Drop Editor
  • 1200+ Free Fonts
  • Cover Creator
  • More Than 1 Million Royalty Free Images
  • Create Puzzle Interiors With One Click
  • Mix and Match Interior Files
  • Sell Unique Books That Customers Want

More features below…

Book Bolt Software

Huge database concerning products.

Amazon’s database contains over 5 million titles. These titles can help you find out and simulate emerging trends. If you have difficulty nailing down an article niche, checking out this database will help you find unique options and attract substantial attention.

Doesn’t need to bother with any guesswork.

Authors can base their articles on the topic they must write about without getting too caught up in unnecessary speculation.

Optimizing listing content.

Amazon categorizes books by category based on which books are catalogued. This is popularly known as listing. To increase sales, authors must improve their category optimization. You must wonder what we mean by category optimization. Specifically, when the book content has been optimally adapted to the desired readership, it is referred to as audience optimization.

You can organize your books into multiple categories.

We recommend listing your book in up to three specific categories so that people looking for books in that category can find your book. Make sure to avoid using less-popular categories. Use common types that have more search volume. To boost the potential of a book’s sale, put it on the portal where conditions are optimal. Likewise, use popular categories known to your audience and are generally visited, such as family, horror, fiction, drama, sports, etc.

Book Bolt SoftwareKindle Direct Publishing KDP Keywords – Book Bolt Module 

Keywords are the lifeblood for any Amazon business, and for KDP authors, I’ve heard many stories of struggle. I believe Book Bolt has solved this problem with the new Keywords module in Book Bolt.

Three categories comprised of keywords, most frequent keywords, and related products are used to divide the keywords.

  • Keywords: A list of keywords you can use with the KDP backend will be shown here. These keywords are divided based on the search volume, CPC (cost-per-click) and competition level.
  • Most frequent keywords: This analysis presents the most concentrated keywords used by products in the best-selling niche based on the keyword you are searching for. THESE keywords are what your competition is doing to attract customers to their relevant product pages. Looking into these keywords may help you discover brand-new niches, brand-new interior concepts, and what other people are doing that you may want to implement into your work.
  • Related products: These products on the right-hand side of the page will be broken down by sub-niches with low-book contents using the highest ranking keyword by bestsellers. This will show you what is selling for products of your kind, using keywords like the ones you intend on getting into. This should help you to identify gaps in an untapped market for your products.

Book Bolt Pricing Coupon Codes

You can get a Single Pay Monthly package deal of $10.99 with three days of a free trial and a Paid yearly subscription of $89.99 with the three days of free use.

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What is the Book Bolt Coupons FAQ?

  • What kind of discounts do I get at BookBolt using the coupon or promo code?

With the Book Bolt coupon code, you can get up to a 50% discount on your expense.

  • How often does Book Bolt update the new discount code?

Book Bolt releases new coupons every day through their affiliate members. You can get the best-updated coupons and discount codes in this article as we keep adding new promo codes daily.

  • What is the best valid Book Bolt discount that I can use?

I have shared my best valid Book Bolt coupon code, which is MasterIsrael. Use on Checkout on any plans.

  • Can I use more than one Book Bolt Coupons & Promo code for my order?

Book Bolt only allows you to apply one promo code or coupon per order. You can use the code that helps you get the most value and provides the biggest savings.

  • Can I test Book Bolt before purchasing it?

You can try their free trial to test a Book bolt and see how it works.

  • What is Book Bolt?

The Book Bolt is the most comprehensive low-content book publishing software on the market.

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