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When I started with Amazon KDP I was doing it wrongly and i had less of the right  information with me except for some YouTube videos that I have watched, which  I can say that With 37 Books that I  Published on Amazon I was unable to earn $1000 a Month. See Picture below

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Earnings for December 1 - 31, 2021

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In April 2022, I luckily stumble on a video on YouTube, Which I watched and a Premium tool was recommended in that video, which can boost earnings on Amazon KDP by providing you with the right information on any niche without brain storming yourself.  

I bought the tool and before the end of April 2022, I was already having  57 eBooks plus the previous 37 eBooks making it a total of 94 books published on Amazon.

Below is my Earnings for May 1 -19, 2022.

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What Is Amazon KDP?

* Amazon kindle Direct Publishing is a section on Amazon were you can create and publish books for free even as a non writer.


* Books like journals, colorings books, notebooks and many other low and no content books which can sell as high as $9 dollars per one.

* The best part is, within  3-4 hours you can create 6 books or more and you are not restricted to the amount of books one can create.


* It can be done with a smartphone so you do not have to worry about a computer.


* No need to worry about adverts or publishing because Amazon takes care of all the labour.

See Below Picture of my last withdrawal from Amazon to my Payoneer account.

Last Month Earnings, See Picture Below

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withdrawal from Amazon to my Payoneer account.
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Features Of This Recommended Software Tool

*Sell Unique Books That Customers Want.


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*Patterns, Scale-able Designs, Filters.


*And Lots more.


This is a software that will give you everything needed to create your own low content books.


It’s complete and covers all steps, from keyword research right down the Exporting PDF files with Interior Files feature for creating professional-looking eBooks in no time at all! A great tool by those who made Merch Titan an excellent Amazon merch earning app.

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